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Farm Retreat

We recently had a great opportunity to create a flagstone patio using local limestone on a property nestled next to the Upper Iowa River.

Firering Patio & Wall Design Sketch.jpg

In addition to sourcing local limestone for the patio and walkway, we were able to include reclaimed barn foundation stones from the property to construct the fire ring and a small retaining wall. 

During our first meeting with the owner, it was clear that they had a strong vision for what would be included in their space as well as the visual aesthetic they wanted.  By creating a design sketch, we were able to help clarify the details of the project and make sure that our plan fit with their vision.

Construction Rake.jpg
Path & Chairs w Field.JPG

Once construction was completed, the joints between the flagstones of the patio were seeded with a high traffic grass blend.  The finished space offered improved access to the summer kitchen and a beautiful natural setting to enjoy fires while taking in views of the surrounding valley.

Chair & Ring w Barn.jpg
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