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Outdoor Living

We had an opportunity to showcase our wide range of services while creating a new outdoor living space for clients in Decorah.

Firepit Patio Design.jpg

After an initial meeting to discuss the scope of the project and the client's ideas, we created a design that combined these ideas with the existing landscape.  With the design completed, follow up meetings allowed for specific material selection and coordination with another contractor.

One important element for the client was the natural stone border surrounding the stamped concrete patio.  Their selection of a beautiful blend of stones complemented the patio and surrounding plantings.

Patio Border Construction.jpg
Chairs and Evergreens.jpg

The outdoor entertainment space was completed with the installation of a fire ring, hot tub, small retaining wall and wood storage with bar top.  To offer a sense of privacy for the space, a mixed landscape planting of evergreens, grasses, shrubs and perennials was integrated into the existing landscape on either side.  The finished product was a beautiful and functional outdoor living space we are proud to have helped create.

Uphill Pan.jpg
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